20 August 1999
19990819 Week Rotation Today Rotation Week 19990821

4 Active Regions

Flare Forecast

Coronal Holes

Today's/Yesterday's NOAA Active Regions
NOAA Number
McIntosh Class
Sunspot Area
Number of Spots
08668 N22W12
β/β Dko/Cko 0350/0420 14/08 -
08671 S10W87
α/β Axx/Cro 0000/0020 01/03 -
08672 N15W31
β/β Cro/Bxo 0040/0010 12/06 - / M1.0(11:59)
08673 S17E67
α/- Hsx/- 0100/- 01/- -

Class (HH:MM) -Today
Class (HH:MM) -Yesterday

Events not associated with currently named NOAA regions: C4.1(00:03) C2.5(05:48) C6.0(07:16) C5.1(20:54) M9.8(23:03)

Note: The tabulated data are based on the most recent NOAA/USAF Active Region Summary issued on 20-Aug-1999 00:30 . The greyed out and light-blue entries are values from the previous day. Slashed cells indicate that the active region has no spots. The latest positions of the active regions are given in both heliographic and heliocentric co-ordinates. The region positions are valid on 20-Aug-1999 23:30 .