25 February 2014
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Subject: MM#018 Great Flare Watch" -
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 20:57:55 +0000


Dear RHESSI Collaborators,

NOAA 11990 is now identified as a large delta spot with strong sheer along its polarity inversion line. Given the potential for another X-class flare in the next 24-48 hours we are now implementing a Great Flare Watch campaign.

The position of NOAA 11990 on 25-Feb-2014 at 17:00 UT is:

S15E67, ( -862", -203" )

See http://www.SolarMonitor.org for images and http://solar.physics.montana.edu/max_millennium/ops/observing.shtml for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Ryan Milligan (QUB) Received on Tue Feb 25 2014 - 13:58:14 MST