18 February 2010
20100217 Week Rotation Today Rotation Week 20100219

3 Active Regions

Flare Forecast

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Today's NOAA Active Regions
Hale Class
McIntosh Class
Number of Spots
11046 N22W72
α/β Hsx/Cro 0030/0040 03/03 -
11048 N20E10
α/β Axx/Bxo 0010/0010 04/05 -
11049 S19W12
β/β Dso/Dso 0040/0040 12/12 -

Events not associated with currently named NOAA regions: None

Note: The tabulated data are based on the most recent NOAA/USAF Active Region Summary issued on 18-Feb-2010 00:30 UT , the values to the right of the forward slashes representing yesterdays values or events. Regions with no data in above property fields have decayed and exhibit no spots. The region positions are valid on 18-Feb-2010 23:30 UT .